Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring 2011 Wrap-up and BIG NEWS!

Our Spring Semester at Moms & More seemed so short, didn't it? But it was jam-packed with good friendships, great teaching, and excellent resources. I'm still applying what we learned from our teachers and our book, Stuck by Jennie Allen, when I feel like I've stopped relying on God to guide me on a daily basis... which happens way too often!

If you enjoyed Spring 2011 at Moms & More, then stay tuned. I promise you will love what's happening on Tuesday mornings at Fellowship Bible Church.

Moms & More has a new name, a new curriculum, and a whole new mission.

We are now bloom...Building a Legacy Out Of Motherhood.

Just because you attended Moms & More for a few years doesn't mean you have to move on! We have fresh, inspiring topics about motherhood, marriage, and our own spiritual growth as women.

You are welcome at bloom, whether you have a newborn or school-age children.

Childcare is still provided, and we're excited that we can now also accommodate home-schooled children and special-needs children.

We will begin registration for Fall 2011 in just a few weeks. We'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as registration opens, and it'll be really simple to register online. Please be sure to register so you can secure your spot for childcare.

Also, remember that anyone is welcome at bloom, whether they are a member at FBC or not. So tell all your mom friends, new neighbors, or gal you run into with your cart at Target (after you apologize, of course!) about bloom.

Also, be sure to find us on Facebook (search "bloom") and Twitter @bloomFBC.

Enjoy your summer!